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What’s Your Eye Shape? Find out which of the 10 shapes best matches you below…

If You Love Makeup Knowing This Will Change Everything…

Have you ever seen the most gorgeous eyeshadow tutorial on YouTube and when you try it yourself it doesn’t suit you at all? Even when you execute it perfectly. As someone who’s still figuring the whole makeup thing out, this has happened to me. If there is anything I’ve learned about eye makeup it is this: you need to know you’re eye shape! What suits you, won’t suit everyone. Everyone falls in the category of 10 eye shapes or a combo of those eye shapes and you are one (or more than one) of them…

Finding Your Beauty Guru

With the help of the internet I was able to figure out that I have prominent eyes. But I still couldn’t find many makeup tutorials that would look good on me. Then it hit me… why not look for a beauty YouTuber who has my eyeshape! That way all those tricks and the techniques that work for them will work for me too! Finally…success. Once I figured out this game-changing trick I couldn’t stop analyzing people’s eye shapes. So.. I found a beauty guru for every eye shape. And I mean EVERY eye shape. I’ve featured one video of each guru for each eye shape as a starting point. Scroll down and I promise you’ll find your eye shape match and your beauty guru soulmate!


The Most Common Shape-

Almond eyes (also known as “standard” eyes) are considered one of the most versatile eye shapes for makeup. This eye shape has a visible lid and does not protrude forward or sit back deep in the socket. They are “average” in their proportions which is why some call it the “standard” eye. They make the perfect canvas for all sorts of make-up looks. This shape can take a lot of makeup without looking overly done so feel free to experiment! One of my favorite looks for the almond eye is “halo” eye makeup. It adds dimension and roundness to the eye and this is one of few eye shapes that can get away with this gorgeous look! Below is a halo eyes video from Linda Halberg who also has almond eyes. Follow her channel for many more gorgeous looks for them almond beauties!


The Most Intense Shape –

Hooded eyes are naturally gorgeous and intense, but they can be tricky when you want to apply makeup. Hooded eyes are identified by having no visible mobile lid when the eyes are open. If you have a problem with your eye makeup dissapeering when you open your eyes, you either have hooded or monolid eyes. An eye shadow trick for hooded eyes is to apply a matte medium shade eye shadow all over the lid and above the lid in a large fan shape and blend. With this trick you will be able to see your handiwork. If you have hooded eyes follow Stephanie Lange on YouTube. In the video below she shows you how she does an everyday look on her hooded eyes.


The Most Naturally Defined Shape –

In nearly every makeup tutorial at some point you will see someone using a matte shade to contour the crease and outer corner of the eye. This gives the eye depth and the illusion of a deeper set eye. A deep-set eye sits back in the socket and the brow bone protrudes slightly. They are considered very hypnotizing and photograph beautifully so its no surprise that so many people fake it with makeup. If you have deep set eyes you can play it up with a cut-crease, or play it down by skipping eye contouring completely and just using a “wash” of a light shimmery shade all over the lid. One of the things that is tricky with deep-set eyes is winged eyeliner. Below Teni Panosian shows you how she uses a “batman” shape to make the flick show up on her deep-set eyes. Follow her for more gorgeous looks on deep-set eyes.


The Most Distinct Shape –

Prominent eyes are considered very flirty. In the 1920’s and 30’s women would use dark eye-shadow applied in a round shape to mimic the natural eye shape of popular movie stars at the time. Prominent eyes also known as “protruding” eyes are exactly the opposite of deep-set eyes. Instead of sitting back in the socket these protrude forward. They do have one thing in common with deep-set eyes: a defined crease. Just like deep-set eyes, prominent eyes need little to no eye contour (an outer v contour looks nice). Since prominent eyes are so “prominent” on the face eye makeup can VERY obvious. You may also often have heavy lids making you look sleepy. You can counteract the “sleepy” look of heavy lids by thick cat-eye or rim the waterline with a dark color like in the video down below. Play up your prominent eyes with a light shade on the lid and a cut-crease 70’s style 😉 Follow Brittany Balyn for more edgy and awesome looks for prominent eyes.


The Most Friendly Shape –

Down-turned eyes are characterized by a “droopy” outer corner of the eye. They are doe-like and sweet looking. With permanent puppy dog eyes, people find you approachable and irresistible. But don’t think they can’t be sexy! Marilyn Monroe had down-turned eyes which she complimented with cat-eye makeup. For Marilyn’s cat eye look you do a feline flick at a 45 degree angle from the top of your eye. You can further play down your shape by leaving your lower lash-line bare. Or you can play up your down-turned shape with a little shadow underneath and connect it to the top like in the video below. Seriously, can Zoella get any cuter? Follow her for some more looks for down-turned eyes.


The Most Sophisticated Shape-

Upturned eyes are where the outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner giving your eyes a natural “cat eye” shape. Most girls have to do a feline flick for that shape but not you! Even when you’re tired you would never tell because your eyes make your face look naturally lifted. You can play around with eye shadow and forgo that feline eyeliner like in the tutorial below, or you can do a liner with a flick but instead of flicking it up you can just flick it straight out to play down your shape. To play it up do an angled feline flick and shock everybody with your amazing cat eyes!


The Most Innocent Shape –

Round eyes are often confused with prominent eyes. And its true prominent eyes are often also round which is why they are usuallyput in the same category. But there is a fundamental difference which is why I gave prominent eyes their own category. Round eyes may not protrude from the eye socket the way prominent eyes do. In fact they can even be deep-set like Fifi Marika. And yes you can be more than one eye shape. In the video below she shares how to elongate round eyes by smudging the eyeliner and using half lashes on just on the outer corner of the eye.. Alternatively you can play up your shape by omitting eyeliner and applying mascara on top and bottom lashes for a doll-like “twiggy” effect. These eyes are considered childlike and innocent, think Disney princess. Follow Fifi Marika for more makeup looks for round eyes.


The Most High Fashion Shape –

If your eyes are farther apart than one eye length you have wide-set eyes. Kate Moss signature wide-set eyes are considered very beautiful. Wide set eyes look very chic and model-esque. If you want to play them up do a cat eye smokey eye and smoke out the wing for an exaggerated effect. To play them down line your entire eye and extend in the inner corner but keep the outer corner close to the lash line. Toria Serviss has a video below showing how to create this look. Follow her for more makeup looks for wide set eyes.


The Most Piercing Eye Shape-

Close set eyes are characterized by the space between the eyes being closer together than one eye length. Contrary to the bad rap this eye shape usually gets it gives you a very youthful appearance. It also makes your gaze look more direct and focused, in a good way. When you look at people you certainly grab their attention. Some of the most beautiful people in the world have close-set eyes. Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara just to name a few. You can play down your shape by using half false eyelashes on the outer corner instead of full ones. Or you can play up your shape by lining your entire eye in a “feline” shape (extended inner and outer corner). Check out Tati’s channel for more makeup looks for close-set eyes.


The Most Versatile Eye Shape –

Monolid also known as “asian” eyes are similar to hooded eyes with one major difference: Monolid eyes have a bit of extra tissue above the lid making it a flat surface. With the rise of eyelid surgery on monolith eyes its geting harder to find beauty youtubers with this eye shape and its such a shame because monolid eyes are beautiful. It is the perfect canvas for so many makeup looks and it is a gorgeous eye shape. You can do the most amazing bold graphic liner or intense smoky eye without it looking over done. Follow Dasha Kim for some goregeous makeup ideas for monolid eyes.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this guide to finding your eye shape and the best beauty guru to match. Have a happy and beautiful day!

<3 Amber

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