Tarte Quick Dry Lip Paints

Hello! This post is a review of Tarte’s Quick Dry Liquid Lipsticks. I got 4 shades: Rosé, Delish, Vibin’, and Cheerleader, so scroll down for some pics of swatches and keep reading for the review.

So…this is my first experience with liquid lipsticks. Like I shared in my YouTube video, I was tired of wearing lipstick and having it smudge everywhere. So I finally broke down and joined the liquid lipstick trend. Tarte is the only company I know of that had vegan dry down liquid lipsticks so I went on the hunt for them. I was able to score a few minis for just 7 dollars each (I’m guessing they were from an ipsy subscription) but I bought them from two apps: Mercari and Poshmark. They are pretty great for finding makeup at a discounted price (not sponsored by them btw) I just happen to buy and sell on there a lot.

These are the first liquid lipsticks I have tried so I don’t have anything to compare them to other than regular lipsticks. I find these wear nicely for about 3+ hours and after that they start to look a little weird. I do a wear test in my second YouTube video down below so you can see it for yourself. But they start to crumble after a few hours. My lips also felt a little dry but I gladly endured that for the ability to drink my Starbucks mint tea without a care in the world. (I hate when my lipsticks transfer to that white and pristine Starbucks lid). They also are a pain in the butt to remove as you will see in the pic and video below.

Anyhow, without further ado here are the swatches of the 4 colors:

Here is a pic of my arm after some vigorous scrubbing. These lipsticks did not want to come off. And now a few days later Cheerleader is still stained on my arm.

Thank you for reading this review. Check out my YouTube videos below for more swatches and a more in depth review featuring a wear test. Hope this helped you figure out if you like a color or not and want to give it a try. Have a beautiful day!

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My YouTube Review 🙂

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