Pixi Review: Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen, Pixi Matte Lustre Lipsticks, Pixi Crayon Combo, Pixi Eye Intensify Duo


If you want to read an honest AF pixi review (all products were bought by me) then keep reading. I’ll tell you what I love and don’t love about them, which products were hits and misses, and share some swatches. 

Below swatches from left to right: Pixi Crayon Combo in “Super Natural”, Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in “Black Noir, and Pixi Eye Intensify duo in “Blue Eyes” 

Let’s start with the product that impressed me the most…

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in “Black Noir

I was fortunate enough to get most items on sale on their website, and although they were out of this shade “black noir” they had a mini available in this shade. I’d heard so many good reviews about this product so I went for it. And I wasn’t sorry. 

This eyeliner pencil is pigmented and creamy and stays aaalll day. One day I went swimming with winged eyeliner using this pencil and I noticed a little smudging at the end of the day, but for a pencil in the green beauty world it’s a rare feat to find a completely smudge-proof eye pencil (especially one that will last through swimming and a bit of eye rubbing). This performed like a champ and I bet would stick like glue in your waterline. (Still got to try that). All I can say is I want more colors. My bank account says no, but maybe someday soon… sigh. 

Next is my second favorite product of the haul…

Pixi Crayon Combo in “Super Natural”

This combo is wonderful for creating a quick 1-2 minute eye. The “line” side is a dark brown that has a metallic shimmer when blended out and the “define” side is a shimmery champagne color. I thought the “define” side was matte at first, but noticed quite a bit of metallic shimmer when blended out. In the look down below I lined my top lid with, you guessed it “line” and then took “define” over all the way up to the crease. I used my finger to blend and wallah! A pretty and natural bronzey eye. These aren’t as creamy as the Endless Silky Eye Pen but it’s so easy and simple, I may actually use this more than the Endless Silky Eye Pen, because I don’t always want to stress about making my black winged liner match. This is much easier and foolproof, perfect for everyday.

3rd favorite is…

Pixi Eye Intensify Duo in “Blue Eyes”

I actually quite enjoy this duo as well but I’ve noticed these were not very creamy. I had to drag the “opalglow” shade over my hand several times to get a decent swatch. And when used on my inner corner and waterline you really have to dig into your skin to get the color to show up at full opacity. That left me disappointed and makes me think I got an old product since it was on sale. The “cool slate” side is a little easier to swatch and has incredible staying power. I searched this on my hand and it stayed on for 3 whole days even after scrubbing my hands and taking a shower.

The products that come in last for this haul are…

Pixi Matteluste Lipsticks 

Now, I was shocked that I didn’t like these shades because I have their shade Rose Naturelle, AND I LOVE IT. It’s a beautiful nude with some sheen that goes away in the first 30 min and leaves you with featherweight but pigemented matte lips. These red shades, however, did not wear well as you can see below. It left an unflattering stain as soon as the sheen wore off which clung to any dry patches of your lips (even when starting out with moisturized and exfoliated lips). So for these lipsticks, stick with the nudes, but the reds (and berries too probably) aren’t as good.

Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick in “Coral Red”

Pixi Mattelustre lipstick in “Classic Red”

In my first impressions YouTube video coming out soon the swatch looked like a pinky berry red rather than a classic red. It’s definitely a pinky red rather than a blue toned true red. I surmised if you mix the two reds that maybe you’d get closer to a classic red.  I still think it pulls pink but that could be the artist in me who is sensitive to detecting undertones. I was hoping for a true red and less of a pink red but it’s still quite pretty. I just wish I liked the wear better.

There you have it. I like that Pixi Beauty is cruelty free and more aware of the ingredients they include in their products. I will probably be back with more of their lovely Endless Silky Eye Pens when my bank account will allow me. 

Stay tuned for a Pacifica review coming shortly…

Thank you for checking out this post. I hope you found this review helpful for your makeup buying journey…

???? Amber 

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