New Formula! 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation | Review & Swatches

Hi! This is going to be a review and swatches of the new 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation..

Scroll down for swatches and a review or you could just watch my YouTube video including a demo and wear test it down below 🙂

Ok on to the product! The 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Water Foundation isn’t a new product, but they have reformulated for a fuller coverage. I tried the original formula a while ago and it had virtually zero coverage so I and others who tried it were less than impressed. In fact, I’ve done a battle of the 100% Pure foundations on my YouTube channel in the past and if you saw that video you’ll know that none of their foundations were my favorite. You can watch the video down below to see why I didn’t like them and which foundation I liked the best 😉  However.. the new and improved Water Foundation is…well let’s just say I’m finally impressed; and that’s not an easy feat considering how picky I am about foundations.

So let’s start with the shade range:

The 100% Pure Full Coverage Water Foundation comes in at 19 shades which is their most diverse shade range launch yet. They also improved on their undertones and diversity and I’m very happy about that. In the past their undertones were very pink or very orange and I couldn’t find a good match in any of their lines. There were also no options for women with olive, yellow or porcelain undertones and not any really deep shades. Now they have added 2 olive shades and they have a cool, neutral, warm, and olive family with corresponding depths. There is also a warm, neutral, and cool option for women of color. Such a big improvement. And I’ve finally found a perfect shade match for me! It feels great to be included 🙂

Swatches –

Here are the swatches of the sample shades I got: Warm 2.0, Warm 3.0, and Olive 3.0 (This photo was taken using only daylight :D)

Warm 3.0 is my perfect match on the right in the pic down below and I used Warm 2.0 ( the one in the middle) and Olive 3.0 (the one on the left) to highlight and bronze.

Claims –

On 100% Pure’s website they say that it’s for normal, Dry Skin Types Full Coverage Semi-Dewy Finish

Healthy, hydrating foundation gives you full coverage and a satin, slightly dewy finish for a glowing complexion. Formulated with hydrating aloe, protective green tea, anti-aging red wine resveratrol and Alpha Lipoic Acid, reparative vitamin E, and skin-softening super fruit oils of pomegranate and acai berries. Colored from vitamin and antioxidant rich plant pigments.

Ingredients –

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Organic Aloe Juice)*, Extracts of Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit, Daucus Carota (Carrot) Sativa Root Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Bean) and Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit/Leaf/Stem, Zinc Oxide, Euterpe Oleracea Pulp (Acai) Oil, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil, Resveratrol (Red Wine Resveratrol), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Extracts of Rosmarinus (Rosemary) Officinalis Leaf, Origanum Vulgare (Oregano) Leaf, Thymus Vulgaris (Thymus) Flower/Leaf Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Lonicera Caprifolium (Japanese Honeysuckle) * Certified Organic

These ingredients look simply amazing. I don’t know how they make such a full coverage with no minerals and only plant pigments.

Application/ Formula Review –

Now the “dewy finish” claim made me nervous cause I have combo/oily skin. Typically liquid foundations never last on me and don’t look like skin enough for my own liking. For the last 13 years or so I’ve had a love affair with powder foundations since Bare Minerals were all the rage in high school. And that’s worked for me… until now. For the last year or so I’ve been on the hunt for a “clean beauty” liquid foundation I actually like because my cheeks are starting to get a bit dry for powder foundations especially in the winter. But my dang T Zone has Peter Pan syndrome and refuses to grow up and just wants to remind me of all my oily teenage nightmares. So you can see the dilemma.

BUT… I think I’ve finally found, dare I say it, THE ONE.

The 100% Pure Full Coverage Water Foundation wore like a dream on me. When applied it has a very natural finish perhaps a tad on the dewy side. It reminds me a lot of the Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation except without all the nasties.

And the crazy thing is.. I never had to powder. Not even my T zone. It stayed a natural slightly dewy finish ALL DAY.


I think it might have something to do with the fact that it’s a water based foundation and perhaps that’s where most  the dewiness comes from. Whatever it is, it did not make my oil glands erupt in madness like they normally would do with a dewy foundation. Actually for the first time my skin felt very balanced. My Sahara cheeks were quenched and my T zone was ALSO happy. It feels like the kind of formula that is actually doing something great for your skin. Can I actually have my cake and eat it too? With this foundation I guess I can.

I did notice a bit of settling into lines and pores and a tiny bit of clinging to dry patches but that’s considering that I caked it on pretty good for my test run. It did also wear off a tiny bit by the end of the day but it faded very gracefully. But now that I’ve used it a few times, I’m loving it more and more. The best way I like to wear it is like a B.B. cream. I sheer it out with my fingers and it is pretty flawless and is partially the reason I’m so much more excited about it now than I was in my video. I’m just someone who has texture in my skin and I’m very picky about having that flawless skin like finish.

Conclusion –

So let’s sum up the pros and cons:


  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • Super pure and skin loving formula
    • Fruit Pigmented (not mineral pigmented)
    • Formulated without talc, parabens, and phthalates, petroleum, and SLS
    • Added skin loving ingredients
  • Natural skin balancing finish
  • Looks like skin
  • Wears well
  • Full coverage


  • High end pricing: ($41) If you’re broke like me 🙁
  • Tiny bit of settling and clinging to dry patches but overall pretty flawless

In conclusion, this is my favorite “clean beauty” liquid foundation I’ve tried so far. In part because of the skin balancing natural finish, in part because the formula is so amazingly pure, and in part because it actually looks like skin. Oh and it’s full coverage. It’s amazing. I might have to suck it up and spend the $41 cause it was just so good. I hope this review was helpful. Check out my YouTube review on this foundation for the demo and wear test…and have a beautiful day! See you next time <3

Burt’s Bees’ Liquid Lipstick – Swatches & Review

Hello! Today I’m reviewing the recently released Burt’s Bee’s Liquid Lipstick. I saw them at a display with a $1.50 off coupon at CVS and was intrigued. Despite my dislike of previous Burt’s Bees Lip products I grabbed the most lightest most nude looking shade of the display and decided to give it a try. (Scroll down for swatches)

So this is a new launch and Burt’s Bees came out with 12 shades of their new liquid lipstick formula – the shades all have kitschy names like Niagra Nude and Coral Cove. The lightest nude color I found at CVS was called Pouring Nude, and funnily enough is nowhere to be found on Burt’s Bees website. I thought maybe they did a last minute name change after they launched but even the colors don’t seem to match up to the shade I found in the store…who knows. Anyhow, lets just move on to my experience with their so called “liquid lipstick”. 

Smell –

I’ve always had issues with Burt’s Bees lip products for no other reason other than they always smell so bad. With the exception of the lip shimmers (which smell strongly of mint) they usually have an expired lipstick crayon kind of smell. These are no different when it comes to a strange smell… the smell is reminiscent of a strange combination of my memory of Now and Laters (my least favorite candy) as well as my grandmothers red lipstick which was bought in the 60’s and was at least 30 years old by the time I got my hands on it. In other words, the Burt’s Bees’ Liquid Lipstick smells slightly sweet, but also undeniably like old makeup. The taste is just as bad when you lick your lips unless you like bitter crayons. Don’t ask me how I know what crayons taste like, I mean, we all did that in kindergarten right? Just me? Well, I guess not every kid was as weird as I was, but I digress…

Application –

The applicator is pointed and slanted which allows for precise application which is a plus for me since I have a prominent cupid’s bow.

Swatches –

Pouring Nude is a peachy orange nude with a gold shift. Despite its semi-tacky texture you can sheer it out for a wash of color.

On the lips it seems like this shade emphasizes texture and has a gold shift that I think takes a wearable shade into the not wearable category for someone looking for an everyday nude. Maybe is just me, and it would look great on another skin tone, but on me I find it very unflattering.

Texture & Pigmentation –

As for the texture, it most certainly is not a dry down liquid lipstick, it’s more like an semi-opaque gloss and quite a moisturizing one which is a plus. In fact they remind me of the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick Formula. The biggest difference I can see between them is Bite Beauty’s formula leaves a stain and at least the Burt’s Bees’ Pouring Nude shade does not. Bite Beauty’s formula is also a bit more opaque and tacky. If you are looking for a more affordable option these might be an option for you if you can get past the smell/taste. But in my opinion, the higher price tag is worth having a better taste and experience with your lipstick.

Ingredients –

The ingredients are pretty clean which makes me happy, but for those who are curious, here is the full ingredients list:


Ingredients: ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, oleic/linoleic/linolenic polyglycerides, lanolin, polyhydroxystearic acid, mica, silica, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, cera alba [beeswax], C12-18 acid triglyceride, sorbitan sesquioleate, hydrogenated apricot kernel oil, hydrogenated apricot oil unsaponifiables, prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil unsaponifiables, orbignya oleifera seed oil, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, glycine soja (soybean) oil, tocopherol, citric acid, aroma [flavor]*, ammonium glycyrrhizate, benzyl alcohol, limonene, linalool, may contain [+/-]: CI 75470 [carmine], CI 77491 •CI 77492•CI 77499 [iron oxides], CI 77891 [titanium dioxide] *aroma naturel / natural flavor.

Conclusion –

So let’s sum up with the pros and cons:


  • Cruelty Free
  • Formulated without talc, parabens, and phthalates, petroleum, and SLS
  • Affordable ($9.99 at CVS)
  • Pointed applicator allows precision
  • Moisturizing


  • Not Vegan (beeswax & lanolin)
  • Slightly sticky
  • Weird smell/taste
  • Emphasizes texture

For me the off putting smell and taste is enough for me to do a hard pass on these, which pains me because I really want to support cleaner drugstore brands. I do think Burt’s Bees has some wins with their makeup, I just have never had much luck with their lip products because of the smell. Currently I’m testing their B.B. cream which I will be reviewing here and on my YouTube channel shortly and I am really enjoying it so I’m not giving up on them. Anyway, stay tuned for that review and thanks for reading!

Have a beautiful day!

<3 Amber


Why A Limited Shade Range Isn’t Racist – Tarte Shape Tape Controversy

Ever since the brand responsible for the beauty community’s most loved Shape Tape concealer rumored a Shape Tape foundation in the works, people went bananas with anticipation. Finally the launch came, and it has caused a stir but probably not for the reason Tarte has hoped. They launched 15 shades of the highly anticipated foundation only a few months ago and the beauty community has been — well, as the kids say these days, shook.

As soon as Tarte released their first swatch photo featured down below, feedback came pouring in and people were not happy.
 Out of 15 shades there are really only 3 deeper tones and 13 shades of beige. Not to mention a huge jump in depth on the spectrum from light to dark. 

Raw Beauty Kristi tweeted “I’ve gotta say, probably the most highly anticipated thus far just crashed and burned with the biggest let down of a shade range. This is despicable and unacceptable” 

(Full video down below)

YouTube beauty gurus have been posting what would have been their review videos on the foundation and instead rant about the lack of diversity in the shade ranges. Many even go as far as to boycott Tarte’s brand as a whole from that point forward. Some who actually chose to review the foundation post follow up videos to their reviews tearfully apologizing for reviewing the new foundation at all and thereby “being part of the problem”.  The funny thing is brands release limited shade ranges all the time. So why have people finally had enough? And why has it suddenly become so politically incorrect? Why now? Not to mention the question on everybody’s mind, why are brands still releasing shade ranges limited to 50 shades of beige? So many questions.. but I think I’ve found some solid answers.

Vox recently released a video titled, “How beauty brands failed women of color”(featured at the end of this post). In the video they use Fenty Beauty, a new makeup brand by Rihanna created with the intention of inclusivity, as an example of how deeper shades are actually profitable. The idea being that, even though women of color are less than the rest of the population, they shell out 80 percent more money on cosmetics and twice as much on skin care than the rest of the general market. They also explain that the so called difficulty of manufacturing deeper skin tones is actually false because all foundations have the same basic base and you need only alter the pigments to get deeper shades. Titanium dioxide is white, iron oxide is red, iron oxide yellow is yellow, and iron oxide black is black. By altering their ratios you can easily make a diverse range of skin tones. Vox’s video brought up other good points such as a lack of people of color in the American Chemical Society as well as in the personal care products industry. However, the conclusion of the video seemed to blame it on current beauty standards excluding women of color, fearing that marketing to them would “damage” their brand. They say that brands have these fears because they think that it will make their brand less glamorous and less beautiful if it’s attached to black or darker skinned women.

My opinion – Vox is simply wrong on this point.
 Racism certainly has played a role in the beauty industry in the past, such as skin lightening products marketed at women of color. But is the continuance of a lack of diversity in shade ranges today evidence of racist beauty standards? I would argue, no it is not. Before you pull out your pitchforks, let me explain…

When Rihanna debuted her Fenty Beauty Line at New York Fashion Week, she wasn’t just considering women of color. In an interview  she stated,

“.. I want women all over the world to feel great.. […] We are women and we have challenges, we deserve to feel beautiful. And I want women of all shades to feel included, and all races, and all cultures to be a part of this. And that’s really what was important for me in choosing the shades, how many we were going to make, especially with the foundation.”

(Quote taken from interview down below)

You see Rihanna was considering very pale women as well as women of color. Because you see it’s not just darker skin tones that are excluded, it’s lighter skin tones as well.
 Fenty Beauty’s first ever foundation launch included 40 shades. Yes, that’s right 40. And not only for women of color, but for the palest of the pale. Even albino women were not left out of the range as proven by Krystal Robertson’s review.

So why are both light and dark shades often excluded skin tones in the beauty industry?
 Because simply, they make a very small percentage of the current U.S. population. 
YouTube personality, Stephanie Nicole, who works in beauty manufacturing, explains from a manufacturers standpoint why there are limited shade ranges.
 (Taken from her B.O.M.B video down below)

“Black population in the U.S.makes up roughly 13% of our population. Now if you factor half of that, half of that population for children, and men and women that choose not to wear makeup, you’re left with roughly 6 and a half percent. That’s 6 and a half percent of our population in need of deeper shades. For the manufacturer, the distributor, (like Sephora) only gives you a certain amount of shelf space in their store. And the way they break that down is every inch on their shelf has to be making a certain amount dollar-wise or its kicked out, because their stores only have limited space. And typically when something new comes in, something else has to leave to make room for that. So companies are constantly vying for that shelf space. I went on to and counted how many manufacturers or brands that are on their site right now that offer either foundations or even BB creams and there are 43. Say out of those 43 manufacturers each brand has maybe like a luminous foundation, or a matte foundation, or a powder foundation, or a stick foundation. All of these different formulas and finishes right? Now say all 43 of these brands come out with 52 shades in all of their different lines. Not everybody in that 6 and half percent population that’s in need of those deeper shades is going to buy from the same brand. So if you divide that up amongst the other 43 manufacturers, even if there was shelf space in stores for all of the colors, there’s going to be brands that are losing out on money because those shades just won’t sell. And it’s not just deeper skin that’s cut out of the equation, it’s also those that are extremely fair too. And that’s because brands normally cater to the middle majority where the most people are. It’s pretty much only for a financial reason that they do that. It sucks and I wish there was a better answer.”
 (Quote taken from video at the end of the post).

Only 6 and a half percent of people who wear makeup in the United States are in need of deeper shades. So to challenge Vox’s argument, even if women of color spend 80 percent more on cosmetics and skin care than the average consumer, that would be the same buying power as if this group made up 11.7% of the market, and that percentage would be much less if we were to consider just makeup and exclude skincare and haircare (which is included in the study, but nonetheless), leading us to the conclusion that the vast majority of the U.S. beige-tone-buying population is the buying power, even if they indulge in cosmetics less frequently on average. The majority wins.

It is not racist beauty standards that are keeping brands from including a more diverse shade range, it is simply economics. If anything, current beauty standards are becoming more diverse than ever before. With the rise of social media, celebrating women of all ethnicities and shades are becoming the norm. With people like the Kardashian’s perpetuating this new standard through their culturally ambiguous style and beauty (thanks to plastic surgery and what many would call cultural appropriation), and the rising popularity of inclusive makeup brands like Fenty, it simply boils down to what is more financially viable, i.e. the bottom line. Business isn’t based on what’s fair or inclusive, it’s based on what’s profitable. It always has and always will be.

If that sounds final to you there are a few more things that brands should consider moving forward in the 21st century.

1) The race ratio of the U.S. population is rapidly changing.

By around 2020, the Census Bureau says that “more than half of the nation’s children are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group,” However, Asian and mixed-race people are the two fastest-growing segments of the U.S. population. So even with the minority groups over-taking the majority in just a few short years, shade ranges are more likely to resemble 50 shades of honey instead of beige, with super deep skin tones still being a part of the minority.

2) We are living in an era of pop culture where people want unity and inclusivity, and it is politically incorrect to be exclusive especially to minorities. 

Brands need to realize that it is a PR nightmare to ignore these movements. Maybe brands are banking on the idea that no publicity is bad publicity. And that may be true. But people can spot disingenuous motives a mile away, and if negative publicity is what they want, people will catch on and it will damage the brand’s reputation, perhaps irreparably.

3) It’s time for brands to start considering some solutions

Stephanie Nicole suggested some solutions such as having in-store testers for more diverse shades and having the option to order the shade through the store. Or perhaps having a kiosk for custom blended foundation right there in store. These are all great ideas and I hope brands will take them into consideration.

In the same video Stephanie Nicole also discussed why using minority owned brands will be essential for the U.S. future economy.

She says,
“It’s not based on charity, the need to dramatically increase investment in minority owned entrepreneurs is vital to the survival of the U.S. economy. Understanding and supporting the needs of minority entrepreneurs is not just a moral imperative, it has become an economic one as well. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by the year 2060 the minority population will become the majority. In 2015 the minority population came in at 38%, by 2060 its forecast to go up to 56%. This growth coupled with the factor that minority businesses have grown by over 50% over this last decade means that that group is going to be a driving force in the U.S. economy. Business policies and investments need to be much more diverse going forward to really make sure that our economy keeps growing and that the U.S. remains a leader. Attention must be placed on the growth and sustainability of a younger multi-racial entrepreneurial society as we move forward if the U.S. is going to remain a player in the global economy. According to the National Minority Supplier Development Council minority businesses produce more than $400 billion in annual revenue and actively employs either directly or indirectly more than 2.2 million people. Additionally minority owned business contributes close to 49 billion in local state and federal tax revenue. This translates to the contribution of over $1 billion per day in revenue to the U.S. These business owners have the potential to create additional jobs in our economy and it also helps when you support a minority owned business. It helps support their families, and their communities. And the nation as a whole, especially in a time like this where unemployment among minorities is at an all time high.”

She does such a great job of explaining it there’s not much more to say. Other than perhaps that the responsibility of inclusivity not only falls on brands, but consumers as well. Instead of solely boycotting brands for limited shade ranges perhaps we should buy from minority owned businesses more often. Where are all those indie makeup brands on YouTube? New makeup brands are popping up on Instagram nearly every day and many are minority owned. So whether you are boycotting Tarte or not, let’s support the minority owned businesses like Stephanie Nicole did in her B.O.M.B (Black Owned Makeup Brands) makeup tutorial. I personally think that intentionally supporting those minority owned brands is the most positive way we can make a change for the better for all of us. ✌????✌????✌????✌????✌????

Pacifica Review: Pink Nudes Eyeshadow Palette & Trancendent Concealor


Today I’m reviewing the Pacifica Pink Nudes Palette and their Transcendent Concealor in “Natural”, scroll down for swatches and keep reading for the review…

Check out my YouTube Video review as well for a more detailed review and some hilariously awkward (well maybe just awkward) moments ;P

I have been a long time fan of Pacifica makeup products in part because they were the first green makeup brand I ever bought from. (I bought my first eyeshadow palette from them, the mystical palette). I’ve always loved their aesthetic and that they have healthy ingredients and are vegan and cruelty free. I appreciate that they’re one of the few drugstore green beauty brands.

Let’s start with the Pink Nudes Eyeshadow Palette…


  • Nice color selection
  • Versatile palette (can be used for brows, contour, etc)
  • Cruelty Free, Vegan, Paraban, sulfate & phthalate free
  • Affordable ($15)


  • Chalky texture
  • Not as pigmented
  • Not all shades are entirely matte

It was a little difficult figuring out the the names for each of the colors because they weren’t labeled on the actual palette but they are on the package as shown in the pic below. With no identifying pictures I had to figure it out by row and hopefully I got it right. The biggest reason I bought this palette was for the versatility.  I mix the shades Lightness of Being and Vapid for my perfect brow color. For the most part I like the color selection, but I do think there are too many light shades that look really similar on the eyes. Several shades also have a subtle shimmer which surprised me because it’s advertised as a matte palette. The shimmer isn’t very noticeable unless you look really closely and it looks matte when used on the eyes. As you can see below the shadows didn’t swatch very well and weren’t as pigmented as I’d hoped. It takes a lot of work to get the orangy shades to show up on the eye. I kept having to pack it on. The best way I found to make them work, was to put them straight on a moisturized or primed eye. With a bit of stickiness the colors show up much much better. I also find that they still blend out well and aren’t without much patchiness which is unusual for eyeshadow applied straight on a “sticky” primed eye. This might have something to do with the chalky texture of the shadow. More than once I got some fall-out in my eyes which was a frustrating phenomena (I’ve never experienced this with my other palettes).  This didn’t happen with the time I used it on an primed and un-set eye, which redeems it for me. Overall I like this palette, not in love with it. I think the formulations could use some improvement and pigmentation could be more vibrant, but I will continue to use it. I think it was worth the price of $15.

Anyhow here are the swatches..

Here’sthe Pacifica Pink Nudes Palette over vitamin e oil used as a primer):

Here’sthe same swatches over bare skin:

See how much more pigmented it is when used over a “sticky” primer? So much better and surprisingly not patchy. The two looks I created below were over a light powder base which made the looks not as pigmented and vibrant as I’d intended, but when I used the shadows over a sticky primed eye I was able to get desired pigmentation with no blothiness. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that, but I will post one soon.

Here are the two looks I came up with: not the best lighting to show the shadows in their full glory, but I think it still looked nice.

Next is the Pacifica Transcendent Concealor in the color “Natural”:


  • Decent coverage
  • Easy blend-ability
  • Hidrating for under-eye (no creasing)
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan, Paraban, Phthalate, and Sulfate Free


  • Strong “makeup” smell
  • Not enough coverage for dark eye circles
  • A little pricey for a drugstore product ($18)

As you can see, in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons. This is a lovely concealor especially for the under-eye. I actually think it works best not set with any powder. I tried that and I got some creasing. But unset, this concealor looks very natural under the eye and doesn’t crease. Weird right? It seems that Pacifica makeup breaks all the rules but that may not be such a bad thing. Personally I like that you don’t have to add an extra step to make your makeup work right. When used on a blemish or to highlight the face I think it needs to be set, but I like this concealor best for under the eye. The only thing is I think it’s a little pricey for the drugstore. It’s a wonderful concealor so maybe I’m just a frugal Franny. I got mine on sale ???? muahahahaha. I do think it’s worth the price, but man so spensive.

Anyhow, here’s the swatch:

And here’s a before and after picture on my eye: (not the best quality images I know but it’s the same lighting for referrence)

I hope you found this review helpful. Check out my YouTube channel [authenticisbetter], for more green beauty reviews.

Have a beautiful day!

???? Amber

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks


Today I will be reviewing Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick. The swatches below are the shades: Whip, Chutney, Purée, Braised, Infused, Marsala, and Demi-Glace.

Scroll down for swatches and keep reading for the review!


  • Longwearing
  • Pigmented
  • Cruelty-free & possibly Vegan (still need to verify) Paraban, Phthalate, and Sulfate Free


  • Price ($24)
  • Thick tacky texture (personally don’t like)

So this is a hot item at the moment. This line has just been released at Bite Beauty and a lot of people are excited about it because it’s Bite’s first liquid lipstick. I don’t have the money to buy all these shades so I just hopped over to my local Sephora to test them out and swatch them for you. Thank you Lord for testers ????

Here are Sephora’s claims:

An innovative, liquified lipstick that takes liquid lip looks to the next level, with indulgently creamy wear, precise application, and high-pigment color with a satiny finish. 

The liquid lip gets redefined with this handcrafted, moisture-rich, high-pigment formula. Bite Beauty’s most nourishing lipstick, Amuse Bouche, gets liquified, while offering rich, high-impact color and a creamy, comfortable application that glides on with unprecedented precision. Created by hand in small batches, Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick is made with natural monoi butter and coconut oil, which melts at the temperature of your lips to glide on for ultimate wear and a satiny finish. With 12 modern, wearable shades you’ve never seen from Bite Beauty, this collection gives everyday lip color an unexpected twist. 

So I wouldn’t say that it has a satiny finish. To me it’s a thick and highly pigmented gloss. The unique thing that people might love about this is that it has incredible staying power. It actually reminds me of the texture of sticky vitamin e oil right out of the capsule. It’s thick and tacky and impossible to wash off with just soap and water. As you will see in the pic below they stain and we’re so hard to wash off. Even after some decent scrubbing it stained my arm pretty good.

Anyhow, here are the swatches: 

Here are the swatches after being scrubbed off with soap and water:

Overall, this product offers a long-wearing unique kind of formula that I think would be worth the price for people who enjoy that. I don’t know yet if I like the texture or not, I’m undecided on it. And for me being the cheapo that I am, it’s not a must have considering the $24 price tag. Maybe one day when I’m rich, or so I dare to dream… but alas money is an object for me. So unless I can hunt a mini down for a steep discount on my apps Mercari and Poshmark (which is my one talent), I won’t be buying one any time soon.

So there you have it! I hope it helped you decide if you want to try it.

Have a beautiful day!

???? Amber

Beyond Fat Shaming: “To The Bone” Reaction & The Disturbing Reality of “Healthy Shaming”

 I’ve recently seen “To The Bone”, a movie where Lily Collins plays an anorexic girl named Ellen. One of the moments that stood out to me was when one of the other girls said to Ellen after coming back to the house where girls with eating disorders were receiving treatment. She had just seen a movie featuring Emma Stone apparently. 

“Emma Stone’s kinda fat, don’t you think?”

“Oh, no,” Ellen replied, “I think she’s just big boned”.

The other character insisted, “She’s, like, at least a size six”.

I honestly couldn’t think of a slimmer actress myself, but it got me thinking…

A few days before the release of “To The Bone” I saw the trailer and I was shocked at how thin Lily Collins looked. I was curious if it was CGI or if she really did lose all that weight. Slightly concerned I typed in “Lily Collins weight loss” into google images and clicked on the first image that came up. It was by a website that shall remain unnamed because I don’t want to encourage traffic to this site (although I’m well aware that you could just do the search yourself). I went to their forum and starting reading the thread that hosted this image. Pictures of Lily Collins at varying weights were all over the page. All looking within a healthy BMI with the exception of some incredibly skinny images of her. Those I imagine were a low BMI and at the very least teetering on the outside of the healthy range. When I read the comments I was shocked. 

In all her pictures she looked like a very slim girl, but I was reading comments like “yuck look how fat she looks” and “she looks so much better here”. I looked at the picture where she looked “better”. In my opinion she looked painfully thin and extremely pale and uncomfortable in her own skin.

Here are some comments that I found on the site:

These are the pictures that these girls were criticizing:

Here’s the pic where she looked “better” not ideal mind you, just “better”. Many of the commenters wanted to see her even skinnier. Notice that you can see her rib bones in her chest:

 In a world that I thought was embracing body positivity I was shocked that this website existed: A website so full of hate towards “normal” looking people and praising extreme weight loss and extremely underweight people. The comments made my heart sink.

  At first I got angry at the people who would create this website and sent them an angry email, but then I sat down and thought about it. And based on my own experience I could understand their error in thinking. Although I was never that extreme about it, at one time had been judgmental towards other women’s weight. I know that this kind of thinking stems from your own self-hatred. And to be honest it’s quite sad.

 I have struggled with my own bought of body dysmorphia and eating disorders, albeit a short time in my life. Even though the extreme behavior was short lived, I still restricted myself of calories and nutrients for years. 

Making decisions like this: if I just have this shake and nothing else for the day I will have the calories I need without gaining weight and still get to eat what I want. That was the logic anyway. While the focus on counting calories helped keep the weight off my naturally slow metabolism for a time, I was completely oblivious to the idea that your body needs nutrients in my years of obsessive calorie counting. During this time I had a completely normal BMI. I didn’t look skinny, slender maybe but never skinny.

No one could tell that I had anorexic tendencies just by looking at me. In the end, the fight against my slow metabolism ended badly. I ended up sick and overweight anyway. I learned (the hard way) that if you don’t have a nutrient rich, balanced diet your body will rebel on you. 

I now have a chronic illness, and while I know my few years of chaotic eating habits didn’t cause it (Lyme disease), I know it was a huge contributing factor in the overall downfall of my health. I think part of what had offended me so much about this website is that these women are gambling with their health and shaming other women into doing the same. 

Now that I am sick and desperately trying to heal, I am disgusted when other people throw away their health because their biggest aspiration is to be skinny, or lose 3 pounds…


I’ve learned to love my curves and embrace eating healthfully. I don’t eat any junk food and I eat a very clean diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Even with a near perfect diet and reasonable potions my body still wants to hold on to the extra fat. That’s ok with me now. Now that I have a much better understanding of health I realize that as I detox my body and make my goal to be healthy, my weight will balance out to what it should be. 

Part of the healing process for me was to realize that your body is a vessel made for more than just how you look. Shocking revelation, right? It seems quite obvious now, but when you’re surrounded constant messages telling women what is beautiful and sexy, it is a natural response for women to emulate the current beauty standard because it is quite literally psychologically designed to make us dissatisfied with how we look so we buy their products. How else would they make money?

I think this is especially relevant to women because our worth is often entangled with being pretty and sexually desirable. Not saying that men don’t struggle with it too but it seems to affect women in a different and more inextricable way. But it’s not all we are, even though from the time we are a child every magazine, commercial, and ad tells us that is what makes up our worth; and it’s our only way to be truly happy. But it’s a lie isn’t it?

I found myself wanting to yell into computer screen as if these women could hear me, “Your body is meant for much more than how you look, it is meant for you to live! To be productive and do something meaningful for your time here on earth!” 

Over the last several years I’ve thought deeply over what led to my body dysmorphia and why I’ve never really ever felt pretty enough or even normal looking. And I’ve realized several contributing factors which has in part inspired me to start my YouTube channel and blog. In my healing I’ve formed a lot of opinions about the culture around me that in part helped to form those wrong opinions of myself. I will address these in another post and video later.

 After a little bit of research I found that Lily Collins did indeed lose weight for the role of “To The Bone” with the help of a nutritionist, but she was no where as skinny as she was in her “better” looking picture according to the members of the site. Apparently she had been anorexic for a time which would explain the skeleton like picture that was being glorified on the site. In an interview Lily Collins explained that while losing weight to play the troubled anorexic in “To The Bone” she had received a comment from a family friend, saying that she had looked fantastic and asked her what she was doing to lose the weight. Responses like that, Lily Collins said, was the reason this problem still exists. And websites that encourage this kind of self-hatred and health sacrificing behavior is another example of people perpetuating the problem. 

During my most slender days when I was restricting calories the most, I got nothing but compliments from people. People said I looked great, that I looked a “lot better” than before. While these comments may have been well-meaning, they were a huge part of how my calories restriction spiraled out of control for a while, and led to an even further downward spiral of my health. 

Those comments were addicting. It felt good to be praised and thought of as beautiful when so much of my life I felt like the derpiest puffy doufous that could ever exist.

 When the focus of your efforts to lose weight are about your looks more than your health (even if you can stand to lose some weight), you’re playing a dangerous game. 

I read a blog post from the author of the body shaming site and she describes being skinny shamed for years. She explains that this website is a response to our indulged culture with obesity on the rise. I can see how it is a traumatized reaction to skinny shaming and the rise of obesity but what the author doesn’t realize is that her website will accomplish exactly the opposite of what she wants: more skinny shaming and obesity. I will explain this more in depth in my upcoming beauty standard article where I will talk about how the beauty standards have changed through the years and what is the driving force behind them. But for now let me give one example why this kind of website will never affect the issue of obesity in a positive way:

Say for example, you are obese, and you are disgusted with yourself. The way you look, the way people treat you. Your motivation for weight loss is self-hatred, not self love. Self hating based motivation will be an unsustainable motivation for weight loss and true health (self-hatred usually leads people to binge on what feels good as another form of hating yourself and abusing your body). In the long run, you will end up unhealthier than before because your mind isn’t in the right place. 

Without positive motivating factors, you can experience temporary success, but long-term self-sabotage.

You must love your body, soul, and mind and understand your invaluable self worth. You are literally affecting your cells with what you think. Negative thinking leads to death and disease. Positive thinking leads to vitality and healing. Only with a positive attitude towards yourself will you feed your body good, nutritious food. You will exercise because it feels good to increase your circulation and be healthy. You will revel in your new-found strength and you will be delighted when not only can you fit into smaller clothes, but you will look good in those clothes. This will be a possibility not when you are disgusted with how you look but when you’re dissatisfied with a lower state of health because you deserve better. Not because other people disapprove of you or because your self worth is in the gutter because society treats you differently. You do it for you, your health, your desire for a vibrant life. You don’t do it for anyone else, or even to please your own beauty standard that has been conditioned into your brain. 

If the supreme motive isn’t health and vitality, it’s time to take a break, spend some time with yourself and peel back the layers that have lead you to your lack of self-worth. Learn to treat yourself and body with compassion.

If you are truly deemed overweight by a doctor, (not just in your own perception), consider that your body is holding on to the fat because either your body is sick (more on that in future posts) or your mind is sick (leading you to overeat). Sick people deserve compassion not hate. So get to the root of it, and experience vitality and health. 

Not everyone is as lucky to have even decent health. Protect it before it’s too late. You are beautiful and absolutely worth it. 

❤️ Amber

Some More Tarte Quick Dry Lip Paint Swatches

Hello! Here are some more swatches of Tarte’s Quick Dry Lip Paints. I did a full review with lip swatches and a link to YouTube video review including a wear test in my last post. But I just took a trip to Sephora and I swatched a few more shades on my arm…. so I figured why not share it? So I will update this every time I get more swatches. And hopefully I can show the whole collection after a few trips to the mall haha. So here you go 😉

Here’s “Wannabe” “Fortune” “Extra” and “Frijay”

The color “Extra” is a new shade and is similar to “Cheerleader” which I own. But Cheerleader is more of a pink red and Extra is warm red. I prefer “Extra” actually so maybe I’ll pick that up eventually. 

Here’s the swatches in direct evening sunlight:

I’ll keep this post updated when I get more swatches…

Have a beautiful day!

???? Amber

Tarte Quick Dry Lip Paints

Hello! This post is a review of Tarte’s Quick Dry Liquid Lipsticks. I got 4 shades: Rosé, Delish, Vibin’, and Cheerleader, so scroll down for some pics of swatches and keep reading for the review.

So…this is my first experience with liquid lipsticks. Like I shared in my YouTube video, I was tired of wearing lipstick and having it smudge everywhere. So I finally broke down and joined the liquid lipstick trend. Tarte is the only company I know of that had vegan dry down liquid lipsticks so I went on the hunt for them. I was able to score a few minis for just 7 dollars each (I’m guessing they were from an ipsy subscription) but I bought them from two apps: Mercari and Poshmark. They are pretty great for finding makeup at a discounted price (not sponsored by them btw) I just happen to buy and sell on there a lot.

These are the first liquid lipsticks I have tried so I don’t have anything to compare them to other than regular lipsticks. I find these wear nicely for about 3+ hours and after that they start to look a little weird. I do a wear test in my second YouTube video down below so you can see it for yourself. But they start to crumble after a few hours. My lips also felt a little dry but I gladly endured that for the ability to drink my Starbucks mint tea without a care in the world. (I hate when my lipsticks transfer to that white and pristine Starbucks lid). They also are a pain in the butt to remove as you will see in the pic and video below.

Anyhow, without further ado here are the swatches of the 4 colors:

Here is a pic of my arm after some vigorous scrubbing. These lipsticks did not want to come off. And now a few days later Cheerleader is still stained on my arm.

Thank you for reading this review. Check out my YouTube videos below for more swatches and a more in depth review featuring a wear test. Hope this helped you figure out if you like a color or not and want to give it a try. Have a beautiful day!

???? Amber

My YouTube Review 🙂

The Best YouTuber For Your Eye Shape

What’s Your Eye Shape? Find out which of the 10 shapes best matches you below…

If You Love Makeup Knowing This Will Change Everything…

Have you ever seen the most gorgeous eyeshadow tutorial on YouTube and when you try it yourself it doesn’t suit you at all? Even when you execute it perfectly. As someone who’s still figuring the whole makeup thing out, this has happened to me. If there is anything I’ve learned about eye makeup it is this: you need to know you’re eye shape! What suits you, won’t suit everyone. Everyone falls in the category of 10 eye shapes or a combo of those eye shapes and you are one (or more than one) of them…

Finding Your Beauty Guru

With the help of the internet I was able to figure out that I have prominent eyes. But I still couldn’t find many makeup tutorials that would look good on me. Then it hit me… why not look for a beauty YouTuber who has my eyeshape! That way all those tricks and the techniques that work for them will work for me too! Finally…success. Once I figured out this game-changing trick I couldn’t stop analyzing people’s eye shapes. So.. I found a beauty guru for every eye shape. And I mean EVERY eye shape. I’ve featured one video of each guru for each eye shape as a starting point. Scroll down and I promise you’ll find your eye shape match and your beauty guru soulmate!


The Most Common Shape-

Almond eyes (also known as “standard” eyes) are considered one of the most versatile eye shapes for makeup. This eye shape has a visible lid and does not protrude forward or sit back deep in the socket. They are “average” in their proportions which is why some call it the “standard” eye. They make the perfect canvas for all sorts of make-up looks. This shape can take a lot of makeup without looking overly done so feel free to experiment! One of my favorite looks for the almond eye is “halo” eye makeup. It adds dimension and roundness to the eye and this is one of few eye shapes that can get away with this gorgeous look! Below is a halo eyes video from Linda Halberg who also has almond eyes. Follow her channel for many more gorgeous looks for them almond beauties!


The Most Intense Shape –

Hooded eyes are naturally gorgeous and intense, but they can be tricky when you want to apply makeup. Hooded eyes are identified by having no visible mobile lid when the eyes are open. If you have a problem with your eye makeup dissapeering when you open your eyes, you either have hooded or monolid eyes. An eye shadow trick for hooded eyes is to apply a matte medium shade eye shadow all over the lid and above the lid in a large fan shape and blend. With this trick you will be able to see your handiwork. If you have hooded eyes follow Stephanie Lange on YouTube. In the video below she shows you how she does an everyday look on her hooded eyes.


The Most Naturally Defined Shape –

In nearly every makeup tutorial at some point you will see someone using a matte shade to contour the crease and outer corner of the eye. This gives the eye depth and the illusion of a deeper set eye. A deep-set eye sits back in the socket and the brow bone protrudes slightly. They are considered very hypnotizing and photograph beautifully so its no surprise that so many people fake it with makeup. If you have deep set eyes you can play it up with a cut-crease, or play it down by skipping eye contouring completely and just using a “wash” of a light shimmery shade all over the lid. One of the things that is tricky with deep-set eyes is winged eyeliner. Below Teni Panosian shows you how she uses a “batman” shape to make the flick show up on her deep-set eyes. Follow her for more gorgeous looks on deep-set eyes.


The Most Distinct Shape –

Prominent eyes are considered very flirty. In the 1920’s and 30’s women would use dark eye-shadow applied in a round shape to mimic the natural eye shape of popular movie stars at the time. Prominent eyes also known as “protruding” eyes are exactly the opposite of deep-set eyes. Instead of sitting back in the socket these protrude forward. They do have one thing in common with deep-set eyes: a defined crease. Just like deep-set eyes, prominent eyes need little to no eye contour (an outer v contour looks nice). Since prominent eyes are so “prominent” on the face eye makeup can VERY obvious. You may also often have heavy lids making you look sleepy. You can counteract the “sleepy” look of heavy lids by thick cat-eye or rim the waterline with a dark color like in the video down below. Play up your prominent eyes with a light shade on the lid and a cut-crease 70’s style 😉 Follow Brittany Balyn for more edgy and awesome looks for prominent eyes.


The Most Friendly Shape –

Down-turned eyes are characterized by a “droopy” outer corner of the eye. They are doe-like and sweet looking. With permanent puppy dog eyes, people find you approachable and irresistible. But don’t think they can’t be sexy! Marilyn Monroe had down-turned eyes which she complimented with cat-eye makeup. For Marilyn’s cat eye look you do a feline flick at a 45 degree angle from the top of your eye. You can further play down your shape by leaving your lower lash-line bare. Or you can play up your down-turned shape with a little shadow underneath and connect it to the top like in the video below. Seriously, can Zoella get any cuter? Follow her for some more looks for down-turned eyes.


The Most Sophisticated Shape-

Upturned eyes are where the outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner giving your eyes a natural “cat eye” shape. Most girls have to do a feline flick for that shape but not you! Even when you’re tired you would never tell because your eyes make your face look naturally lifted. You can play around with eye shadow and forgo that feline eyeliner like in the tutorial below, or you can do a liner with a flick but instead of flicking it up you can just flick it straight out to play down your shape. To play it up do an angled feline flick and shock everybody with your amazing cat eyes!


The Most Innocent Shape –

Round eyes are often confused with prominent eyes. And its true prominent eyes are often also round which is why they are usuallyput in the same category. But there is a fundamental difference which is why I gave prominent eyes their own category. Round eyes may not protrude from the eye socket the way prominent eyes do. In fact they can even be deep-set like Fifi Marika. And yes you can be more than one eye shape. In the video below she shares how to elongate round eyes by smudging the eyeliner and using half lashes on just on the outer corner of the eye.. Alternatively you can play up your shape by omitting eyeliner and applying mascara on top and bottom lashes for a doll-like “twiggy” effect. These eyes are considered childlike and innocent, think Disney princess. Follow Fifi Marika for more makeup looks for round eyes.


The Most High Fashion Shape –

If your eyes are farther apart than one eye length you have wide-set eyes. Kate Moss signature wide-set eyes are considered very beautiful. Wide set eyes look very chic and model-esque. If you want to play them up do a cat eye smokey eye and smoke out the wing for an exaggerated effect. To play them down line your entire eye and extend in the inner corner but keep the outer corner close to the lash line. Toria Serviss has a video below showing how to create this look. Follow her for more makeup looks for wide set eyes.


The Most Piercing Eye Shape-

Close set eyes are characterized by the space between the eyes being closer together than one eye length. Contrary to the bad rap this eye shape usually gets it gives you a very youthful appearance. It also makes your gaze look more direct and focused, in a good way. When you look at people you certainly grab their attention. Some of the most beautiful people in the world have close-set eyes. Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara just to name a few. You can play down your shape by using half false eyelashes on the outer corner instead of full ones. Or you can play up your shape by lining your entire eye in a “feline” shape (extended inner and outer corner). Check out Tati’s channel for more makeup looks for close-set eyes.


The Most Versatile Eye Shape –

Monolid also known as “asian” eyes are similar to hooded eyes with one major difference: Monolid eyes have a bit of extra tissue above the lid making it a flat surface. With the rise of eyelid surgery on monolith eyes its geting harder to find beauty youtubers with this eye shape and its such a shame because monolid eyes are beautiful. It is the perfect canvas for so many makeup looks and it is a gorgeous eye shape. You can do the most amazing bold graphic liner or intense smoky eye without it looking over done. Follow Dasha Kim for some goregeous makeup ideas for monolid eyes.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this guide to finding your eye shape and the best beauty guru to match. Have a happy and beautiful day!

<3 Amber

Pixi Review: Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen, Pixi Matte Lustre Lipsticks, Pixi Crayon Combo, Pixi Eye Intensify Duo


If you want to read an honest AF pixi review (all products were bought by me) then keep reading. I’ll tell you what I love and don’t love about them, which products were hits and misses, and share some swatches. 

Below swatches from left to right: Pixi Crayon Combo in “Super Natural”, Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in “Black Noir, and Pixi Eye Intensify duo in “Blue Eyes” 

Let’s start with the product that impressed me the most…

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in “Black Noir

I was fortunate enough to get most items on sale on their website, and although they were out of this shade “black noir” they had a mini available in this shade. I’d heard so many good reviews about this product so I went for it. And I wasn’t sorry. 

This eyeliner pencil is pigmented and creamy and stays aaalll day. One day I went swimming with winged eyeliner using this pencil and I noticed a little smudging at the end of the day, but for a pencil in the green beauty world it’s a rare feat to find a completely smudge-proof eye pencil (especially one that will last through swimming and a bit of eye rubbing). This performed like a champ and I bet would stick like glue in your waterline. (Still got to try that). All I can say is I want more colors. My bank account says no, but maybe someday soon… sigh. 

Next is my second favorite product of the haul…

Pixi Crayon Combo in “Super Natural”

This combo is wonderful for creating a quick 1-2 minute eye. The “line” side is a dark brown that has a metallic shimmer when blended out and the “define” side is a shimmery champagne color. I thought the “define” side was matte at first, but noticed quite a bit of metallic shimmer when blended out. In the look down below I lined my top lid with, you guessed it “line” and then took “define” over all the way up to the crease. I used my finger to blend and wallah! A pretty and natural bronzey eye. These aren’t as creamy as the Endless Silky Eye Pen but it’s so easy and simple, I may actually use this more than the Endless Silky Eye Pen, because I don’t always want to stress about making my black winged liner match. This is much easier and foolproof, perfect for everyday.

3rd favorite is…

Pixi Eye Intensify Duo in “Blue Eyes”

I actually quite enjoy this duo as well but I’ve noticed these were not very creamy. I had to drag the “opalglow” shade over my hand several times to get a decent swatch. And when used on my inner corner and waterline you really have to dig into your skin to get the color to show up at full opacity. That left me disappointed and makes me think I got an old product since it was on sale. The “cool slate” side is a little easier to swatch and has incredible staying power. I searched this on my hand and it stayed on for 3 whole days even after scrubbing my hands and taking a shower.

The products that come in last for this haul are…

Pixi Matteluste Lipsticks 

Now, I was shocked that I didn’t like these shades because I have their shade Rose Naturelle, AND I LOVE IT. It’s a beautiful nude with some sheen that goes away in the first 30 min and leaves you with featherweight but pigemented matte lips. These red shades, however, did not wear well as you can see below. It left an unflattering stain as soon as the sheen wore off which clung to any dry patches of your lips (even when starting out with moisturized and exfoliated lips). So for these lipsticks, stick with the nudes, but the reds (and berries too probably) aren’t as good.

Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick in “Coral Red”

Pixi Mattelustre lipstick in “Classic Red”

In my first impressions YouTube video coming out soon the swatch looked like a pinky berry red rather than a classic red. It’s definitely a pinky red rather than a blue toned true red. I surmised if you mix the two reds that maybe you’d get closer to a classic red.  I still think it pulls pink but that could be the artist in me who is sensitive to detecting undertones. I was hoping for a true red and less of a pink red but it’s still quite pretty. I just wish I liked the wear better.

There you have it. I like that Pixi Beauty is cruelty free and more aware of the ingredients they include in their products. I will probably be back with more of their lovely Endless Silky Eye Pens when my bank account will allow me. 

Stay tuned for a Pacifica review coming shortly…

Thank you for checking out this post. I hope you found this review helpful for your makeup buying journey…

???? Amber